Are you feeling nostalgic today? Well, look at you. Fucking geriatric.

Well, O.K., that’s uncalled for. You may not be old at all. But this game is harkening back to the days of old, where games allowed for your imagination to create the game world around you. Think table top RPGs or games like Colossal Cave Adventure (great game, btw).

Giggles: The Quest for Shits is a text based RPG, or text based adventure. But, lest we be misunderstood, it isn’t an interactive fiction. It’s an actual game.

On Google Play, it’s title is simply Giggles: The Quest, because profanity is a no no in the store listing. And that’s okay. That makes sense. Oh, if you are under 18, don’t read the curse words on this page…

We are still developing the game. However, there is a beta test available that has a couple quests in it. Mostly an introduction to the game, but quite fun to play still. And insultingly funny. That’s right, the game itself insults Giggles often.

We’d love to get feedback from players on the format of the game. The controls, how things operate, or whatever you may think about the game. This way, the production version can appeal to you, the player.

The app icon for the beta isn’t what we will use for the production version. Just so everyone is aware, we know it is a shitty icon.

Giggles: The Quest - Apps on Google Play

Giggles finds himself in the town of Hornesborough, Ohio. Where something nefarious is afoot. He has no way to leave town. Should he stay around? Or, should he discover a way out of Hornesborough? The choice is yours.
List of commands
Help text
Cut scene in game
Details of combat
Combat at work
Saving and stats (typo has been fixed)

Check it out today!